Desalination Plant Project | Kurnell

Desalination Plant Project | Kurnell

Due to a tornado that swept through the Cronulla region in December 2015, the Desalination Plant at Kurnell suffered significant structural damage to major parts of the plant. 

Allfab was engaged to complete a number of repairs to the plant and have done so with zero safety incidents. 

Permeate Tank Removal

Two damaged permeate tanks required removal and were subsequently replaced with new tanks (approx. 15 metres in diameter and 15 metres tall). This part of the project involved disassembling the roof structure housing the two tanks, demolishing the concrete foundations and disconnecting the existing salt water inlet and out pipework.   

PVC & ABS Piping Repairs

Significant piping repairs were required across the plant. Allfab was engaged to complete the ABS/PVC and associated pipework repairs across the plant.