Outstanding results at the BOS

Outstanding results at the BOS

Allfab has successfully completed another major project with outstanding results. The replacement of the BOS 2nd De Dusting Duct System, which progressed over the last 12 months, involved a substantial amount of planning and pre-work. 

The success of the project revolved around a 60 hour window of time in which the change out could be executed during a plant stop. To add a level of complexity, the duct sections had never been replaced since originally installed.

Without a doubt the success of this project came down to detailed planning, pre-work, project management and the expertise of the Allfab team involved in this project.

Pre work involved: 

  • Engineering and planning
  • Removal of redundant structures to allow for safer access
  • Installation of a mono rail system for removal and installation of associated structures
  • Fabrication and installation of a staging frame for existing and new structure to land on