Allfab leadership at slab yard impresses BlueScope Steel

Allfab leadership at slab yard impresses BlueScope Steel

One of Allfab's supervisors has been recognised by BlueScope Steel for his leadership and safety management during the pre-planning phase of a shut down in the Slab Yard.

Brett Holmes, who meticulously led the planning and preparation phase of the job went above and beyond to ensure major repairs were achieved within the allocated time and without injury.

A management representative from BlueScope praised Brett's work ethic and leadership:

"We were very impressed with the safety planning and management, and as a result there were no significant incidents and no injuries were sustained. Of particular mention is the way in which Brett managed the work and led the team especially regarding safety and interaction with other teams. The result has been high quality repair and the slab yard being handed back to production in time."

Together with Brett, Damian Sheedy lead the night crew who put in an outstanding effort and worked diligently to ensure all tasks were completed within the timeline.  

Well done to all crews involved. Your dedication, work ethic and safe approach to work is what makes Allfab one of the Illawarra's leading steel construction and maintenance contractoers.